Design Thinking Playbook

Unpack the history of design thinking and learn implementable frameworks being leveraged by top business leaders and educators around the world.

Our Design Thinking Playbook offers invaluable advice on the best approaches, tools, methodologies and processes for embedding design thinking into any program.

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Design Thinking Playbook
Design Thinking Playbook
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Learn how to get started.

Our easy to read Playbook is a great starting point for educators looking to learn more about design thinking.

The Design Thinking Playbook includes:
  • An overview & history of Design Thinking
  • Step-by-step guide on the Design Thinking process
  • Practical advice and guidance for implementation
  • Real world examples and insights from other educators

Start effectively leveraging design thinking in your classroom

Best practices & methodology

Learn a step by step process for engaging students in design thinking with valuable insights and real world examples from other K-12 educators.

Big Ideas Explored

  • Identifying potential challenges
  • Crafting key questions
  • Investigating unmet needs
  • Developing empathy

Learn How To

  • Investigate issues
  • Conduct effective user interviews
  • Critically evaluate available data
  • Generate and test new ideas

Ready to implement?

Leverage our interactive curriculum to embed design thinking in your classroom.

Design Thinking for Elementary School