Engaging Students in Hybrid Inquiry and Journey Based Assessment with Google

In August, Future Design School had the honour of presenting in a 24-hour Global back-to-school event presented by Google, alongside Avni Shah, VP of Education at Google and Sal Khan of Khan Academy. Uniting educators worldwide, The Anywhere School event celebrated the future of education and inspired educators as they prepared for undeniably the most unusual back to school season in modern history. 

As the education system continues to face monumental changes, we firmly believe that educators deserve the tools and resources to do what they do best - support students in this moment with tools that will help them now, and for their future. This moment in history has confirmed what we always knew to be true; the future is uncertain and full of opportunities for problem solving. 

Throughout the session, the Future Design School team challenged thousands of participants to amp up engagement for students through authentic inquiry and assessment practices that make their thinking visible with Google tools. Anchored by inspirational classroom examples, educators left with new ideas and a practical toolkit that they could use with their own classes. The take away resources were so popular it crashed the server as educators from around the world scrambled to access it!

If you didn’t have a chance to participate in The Anywhere School event, you can catch Engaging Students in Hybrid Inquiry and Journey Based Assessment on demand HERE!

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